Execution Coordinator Course

Execution Coordinator Course


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This course for Execution Coordinators is our first offering online in our new Onpoint Training Portal. The value of Execution Coordinators in turnarounds and capital projects is higher than ever before. In this course, you will learn industry best practices for coordinating tasks and executing a successful turnaround, as well as the duties and responsibilities of an Execution Coordinator. With this course, you and your company will see significant improvements in motivation, sense of ownership and performance among Execution Coordinators.

This online course gives you the ability to receive world-class turnaround specific training without having to be away from your facility for several days. It also reduces lost time due to travel and eliminates travel-associated costs. While you may not be able to attend in-person training, it doesn’t mean you have to stop improving your knowledge and skills. Now you can get industry-leading training on your schedule at home or the office.

Who Should Take This Course:

Execution Coordinators for turnarounds and capital projects or anyone who seeks to become an Execution Coordinator.

What You Will Learn:

  • Function effectively as a member of a proficient and aligned team to mutually support all other stakeholders and significantly increase turnaround success rates
  • Understand and apply proven standards and protocols in relation to their job performance in the achievement of identified turnaround objectives
  • Effectively supervise contract personnel and their adherence to turnaround safety, schedule, productivity and quality goals
  • Maintain positive, sustainable relations with contractors while adhering to site ethics policies


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